The Brand


GIO DIEV - Gio Metodiev

GIO DIEV is a sculptural footwear collection uniting futuristic designs with timeless luxury.
Elegant simplicity, architectural precision and attention to high quality are the key elements of the brand. Sophisticated silhouettes come to life with the finest Italian craftsmanship and a unique creative process. Fluid lines and unexpected detailing create a look that is sensual yet powerful.


Yearning to express his own aesthetic and find his voice in the world of fashion led Gio Metodiev to the creation of GIO DIEV in 2010.

A childhood spent at his mother’s shoe store in Sofia made ‘shoes’ the natural choice of creative medium. His eye for luxury was shaped and solidified through his professional experience working for prestigious brands such as Chanel, Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana. This behind-the-scenes access and knowledge gave Gio the confidence to pursue his life-long dream of establishing his own label.

After leaving Dolce & Gabbana in 2010, Gio honed his craft at the pattern studio of one of the most acclaimed shoe factories in Vigevano, Italy -  known to many industry professionals as the shoe mecca.

Gio finds his true inspiration traveling around the world, experiencing different cultures and their own perceptions of beauty, art and design. He loves obscure foreign films, uncanny music and anything with wit and humor.

His creations are about passion, fantasy and most importantly the women that he loves and admires. Gio currently lives and works in New York City.